I’ve Moved!

So, I felt that lately “The Green Homemaker” did not totally fit the message I wanted to get across. Not that I had much of a message at all ( I have spent the summer not posting at all.) I feel that I am in that constant lump of “not green enough for the green […]

Why I Stopped Judging Other Moms (and stopped giving out parenting advice)


I had kids before most people that I knew who are my age did. I was learning all about nap times, feedings, and diapers while most of my friends were still in college. Consequently, this made me feel like a parenting expert once everyone else started having kids. When one friend talking of her dream […]

Why Christians Should Care About the Environment

Have you heard of creation care? Find out why Christians should care about the environment!

I meet a lot on environmentalists. And I meet a lot of Christians. But, I don’t meet very many Christian environmentalists. That puzzles me, as a Christian environmentalist. But, why should Christians care about the environment? God created the Earth. Well, that’s a no brainer. God made this beautiful Earth. And because as Christians we […]

Free Ebook Friday! {5/1}

Looking for something to read this morning? Download a free ebook on your Kindle! Here are the best free downloads in green living, frugal living, and faith. Green Living Homesteading: The Ultimate Guide to Self Sufficiency and Sustainable Living: (Homesteading, Homesteading Book, Homesteading Guide, Homesteading Tips, Homesteading for Beginners) If you adore being under the […]