A Review of 5 Natural Deodorants

Does natural deodorant work? Find out!

Does Natural Deodorant work? Find out in my review of 5 Natural Deodorants! There are claims of everything from breast cancer to Alzheimer’s possibly linked to the aluminum in common anti perspirant sticks. Whether or not these claims are founded, maybe you want to try out a natural deodorant. I know I did! But, do […]

Everything you Need to Make Homemade Cleaners- Plus recipes to clean your Bathroom

Everything you need to make your own cleaners at home with a few easy recipes too!

This is a previously published post. I had a different brand spanking new post almost ready to go and then my child had to go and get sick. So I am exercising my mama duties and re sharing this with you.   So, what do you need to make all your own homemade cleaning products? […]

Free Kindle Book Friday {3/13}

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.) Ah! Another Friday the 13th! Don’t fret! Download something good to read on your kindle! Don’t have a kindle? No problem.  Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices. FREE Kindle Books 3/13 Green Living Perennial Vegetables: Organic Gardening: The Beginners Guide to Harvest […]

Green and Frugal Baby-What do you Really Need?

What do you really need when you have a baby?

( This is a previously published  post and contains affiliate links. Enjoy!) There is a lot of things people will tell you you need when you have a baby. I wanted to make sure this time when I had my second son, I made green choices (for the environment), and frugal choices (for my wallet). Here […]

Free Kindle Book Friday {3/6}

FREE kindle books! {3/27}

(This post contains affiliate links.) This Weekend’s Free Downloads in Green Living, Frugal Living, and Faith! I hope you enjoy! Don’t own a kindle? No problem! You can download a free kindle reading app here: Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices <3, Katie Green Living Essential Oils: Unlock […]